A screenshot of an invoice edited in Microsoft Word, crossed out.

Don't use Word to write invoices for your freelance business

Are you writing your invoices using Microsoft Word or a similar app that just wasn't made for the task?

If yes, then these issues will be familiar to you:

  • There's so much to fill out for every invoice every time: invoice number, invoice date, customer info, VAT number
  • Exporting PDFs from Word takes forever
  • Organizing all those Word documents is a pain
  • You need to manually calculate the invoice amount and VAT percentages
  • Invoice templates for Word just aren't that great-looking

If you would like to spend your time doing work you enjoy or is billable rather than wasting time in Word, take a look at Cakedesk.

#Cakedesk, the invoicing app for freelancers

Cakedesk, die App für Kunden, Rechnungen und Angebote

Cakedesk is an invoicing app for freelancers that's free to download. It's super fast and easy to use and there's no subscription lock-in or monthly fees.

  • Keep track of unpaid invoices
  • See who your most valuable clients are
  • Write proposals that close deals
  • Create invoices/proposals in multiple languages
  • And much more!

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