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  • Create stunning invoices in less than a minute
  • Write proposals that win deals
  • Create your own invoice designs with HTML & CSS
  • For Windows and macOS
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Everything you need for a successful freelance business

Close deals & win clients


Cakedesk's Proposals feature makes it easy to create proposals that detail your services in a convincing manner, building trust with the client and getting them to hire you.

A proposal created by Cakedesk

Get paid


Create professional invoices in just a few clicks. The client's data is inserted automatically. Keep track of paid and unpaid invoices.

An invoice created by Cakedesk

Build a client database


See who your most valuable clients are and easily access all your clients' information, invoices and proposals.

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Adapts to your brand and workflow

7 built-in document designs

Make your invoices look stunning

Showcase of different invoice templates available in Cakedesk
Illustration of using CSS to customize an invoice design

Create your own designs with HTML & CSS

Do more than just changing a logo. Cakedesk lets you completely customize your document layouts and designs using HTML & CSS so that your invoices and proposals accurately represent your brand.

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Illustration of using custome fields for invoices and proposals

Custom fields

Missing something? Add custom fields to your invoices and proposals and create an authoring experience for documents that best fits your workflow.

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Fast, powerful, private

Simple and intuitive

Powerful document editor

  • Items and subitems
  • Rich text descriptions for individual items
  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • Quantities and unit prices
  • Create invoices from proposals
  • Duplicate documents
  • Export as PDF
A screenshot of a form to create an invoice in Cakedesk
Illustration of a hotkey / keyboard shortcut

Create invoices faster than ever

Cakedesk strives to save you as much time as possible. That's why the interface is super-fast and filled with optional keyboard shortcuts.

Cakedesk app icon side by side with Apple and Windows logos

Private desktop software

Cakedesk is downloadable software for your desktop computer. Your data is yours and never touches Cakedesk servers.

  • Speak the language of your clients

    Easily create invoices and proposals in English and German. Support for more languages coming soon.
  • Quantities and unit prices

    Charge clients based on quantities. For example, by providing number of hours worked and an hourly rate.
  • Flexible VAT rates

    Use different VAT rates for different items on your invoice and Cakedesk will do the calculation for you.
  • Mass PDF export

    Quickly export multiple invoices or proposals as PDFs for your own accounting purposes.

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